How to maintain kids Taekwondo Woodbridge uniforms for longer periods?

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Dobok or the taekwondo uniform is very unique in nature and has a great history and pride associated to it. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for every Woodbridge Taekwondo student to maintain the uniform with dignity. But students of a particular age – kids – make them shabby and treat them like any other dress. So, parents and teachers must take the responsibility to make them aware of the greatness of the uniform. Additionally, there are certain tips which can make the uniform to last long and the children too start to would like to maintain it with all the eminence.

The right outfit

A kid would never love to have a loose outfit with hanging cuffs and tangling pants. In Taekwondo, a perfect fit is expected to learn the art without any obstacles. So, every measurement is to be carefully taken with all the minute centimeters taken into account so that there would be a double advantage. The kids taekwondo Woodbridge would love to attend Taekwondo classes with such uniform and the teachers find it convenient to teach such students. Furthermore, a love for the uniform develops in the kids which make them care for the uniform. The fluidity factor of the uniform is adored by kids and adding color to it will make it even more desirable. Having a uniform color across the training area would create a sense of oneness amongst the children. This feeling ensures that they cannot afford to lose the uniform at any cost. So, they would do anything to keep it tidy for longer periods. However, the feeling of oneness has to be stirred by the teachers and parents which would be useful in real life situations also.

kids taekwondo Woodbridge

Wearing the uniform

Having great love towards the uniform is not sufficient in taekwondo schools in Woodbridge as the kids are trained hard and there is a chance of wear and tear. So, wearing the uniform in the appropriate manner ensures that there would be no risking the tear during a spar or any other training session. It is a bit difficult to get in terms with the correct usage of the uniform as it involves bewildering pants, elastic straps, buttons, ties, etc. But every day the uniform must be dealt with properly so that it can be adoptable in the training and it decreases the risk of damage also. Badges are to be sewed onto the uniform which needs to be done carefully. These badges are prestigious and are worn to show the involvement of the kid in Woodbridge taekwondo competitions, but remember that they have to be taken care of along with the uniform and damage is irreparable if either is soiled.

Washing the uniform

This is the most important part for maintaining the uniform as kids cannot completely avoid stains or other damages and these need to be tended gently during washing. The Dobok should be washed in cold water and to be immediately hanged to get dry, followed by ironing to ensure there is no formation of wrinkles. Taekwondo schools in Woodbridge are strict during their training sessions and one needs to take additional care to maintain the uniforms in such conditions. By following the instructions mentioned above it becomes easy to maintain a uniform for longer periods of time.

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