Fashion Designing Course in India Open Several Career Opportunities

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Career in fashion designing has emerged as the most demanding profession among the young crowds.  Fashion Designers have their own style of designing dresses and instead of following trends they create new trends in the market.  Fashion designing is not only about interacting with glamorous people, it is all about creativity. If you are passionate about colours and texture, then fashion design is the right career for you.

 Basics sketching would and adding colors can be of little help tostart a career in fashion designing. But if you are trying your luck in fashion designing and want to start your career as a successful fashion designer then you need a professional course in fashion designing. Talent and creativity are important, apart from that fashion design also includes technical aspects like garment manufacturing technology, textile science, fabric dyeing and printing, computer-aided design. Fashion Designing course in India also helps in placement, as most of the fashion designing institutes in India have good link ups with the industry.

Now what is your interest? What exactly do you want to design? One can opt for specialization in designing various kinds of apparels or garments as well as dresses and jewelries. Though the nature of the work varies but the  basic requirement remains the same, he or she should be creative and should be able to have the photographic eye as well as should have the ability to visualize things how a product can look better after designing it.

Fashion Designing course in India offers the students ample opportunities to start their career. After completing their course in fashion design they can start their career as

Fashion Designing Course in India

Clothing designers :They mainly design , create ,help to produce men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel which include casual wear, suits, sportswear, evening wear, outerwear and other dresses. They can also work with export houses which mainly deal with exporting of garments, textile as well as handlooms.  They can also start their own venture like Retail and wholesale garment businesses in men‘s and women‘s  clothing in sportswear and casual wear, etc. They can work with various top known fashion designers and can conduct fashion shows as well as exhibitions.  Apart from this those who are interested to work in film projects, they can work with eminent directors and producers and film production units.

A fashion consultant can be a good option for those who likes to give suggestions and fashion tips. But they need to be aware of the ongoingtrends in the fashion market along with knowledge about fashion designing. Their main job is to offer ideas regularly on how to design a product that will be accepted in the current market.

Fashion Stylistis also another great option. One has to coordinate as well as conduct a fashion show to promote the sales of the products. The job includes designing the dress, accessories, make up, hairstyle, of the model  and they are also responsible to check whether the look and dressing style of the model is matching with the theme of the fashion or not. Sometimes a stylist is even involved in selecting the right fabric for designing the garment.

Once you complete the course in fashion designing , you can be a fashion journalist , which has now appeared to be the most glamorous job among the youth. Fashion Journalist has to look after the over all work of a fashion magazine which include content, photographs, printing , editing etc.  It is an important task because through fashion magazine only general people come to know about the fashion trends in the fashion market. That person needs to update himself or herself with the current news of fashion industry, consumer’s reaction to various new products and collections.

Fashion Merchandisers have a very interesting job profile. They mainly have to look after the marketing aspect of any new collections. They have to interact with the buyers as well as customers to collect feedback and have to coordinate with the fashion designers and help them to understand how they can come up with new product in the market according to consumer’s choice.

So fashion designing has a bright future if one can select the right way to show his or her creativity.

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