English – Why You Need To Be Proficient In It To Gain More Career Opportunities

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English is widely known as the language of the world. There are several languages spoken everywhere, but not all of them are spoken in all places, except for English. Anywhere in the world, one can find an English speaker, since it is the universal language.

What Makes English So Important?

English is a very important language because of the fact that it is spoken all over the world. Over 400 million people speak it as their first language. Around 2 to 3 billion speak it as their second or third language.

More than three quarters of the world’s emails are in English. More than half of the world’s published content is in English. With the current globalisation of the world thanks to the internet, every country is gaining access to English. There may come a day when everyone in the world speaks the language.

It is being adopted as the language in which business is conducted, thanks to the large number of people that speak it.

How English helps in your career?

Here are the ways in which English will help you in your career:

  • It helps you get a job: People with sound English speaking skills are an asset to the employers in the global marketplace, and thus are highly sought out.
  • It helps you get a promotion: Your skills with the language are going to add to your value to your company, and it is only going to help you develop your skills and make you perform.
  • It Helps You Score Other Jobs: Speaking good English and being a good communicator make you a desirable target for other companies that might be looking for employment, thus giving you more options in what kind of jobs you want to have.
  • Freedom to Find Employment in Other English Speaking Countries: Learning English gives you the chance to find gainful employment in other English speaking countries as well.

How to Improve Your English

The obvious question would be as to how to improve one’s English. There are several English courses to consider. Most of them are willing to offer a specialised service when it comes to teaching you the language. You can take help from the internet and find several options where you can study English in Manchester.

Make sure to practice speaking in the language. Experts suggest that the best way to learn a language is by practicing speaking in it. The more you speak it, the more fluent you become at it. Find English books to read, you don’t have to look around much to find easy to read literature in the language that can get you started with the language.

Make sure to follow other English media such as newspapers, television shows and movies. Hearing other people speak English will familiarise you to the language and make it easy to understand, and therefore easy to speak.

If you want to advance in your career, and make a name for yourself while gaining the respect of your colleagues and other people in the society, learning the English language is a must. With the right course, and practice, you can be as fluent as someone who speaks it as their first language.

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