What is E3 visa to work in USA application and importance?

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Some of the visas are introduced recently understanding the people and businessmen requirements worldwide. USA with fifty two states is a country loved for it technological advancement and allowing employment in almost every category and area which is offered nowhere else therefore if you are interested in working in USA region, it is possible with help of various visas. US E3 visa was introduced in 2005 for the Australians nationals who are having good education in the specific field as well as practical experience in the field which is accepted in USA on the basis of specialty occupation.

E3 visa process is easy, as the visa has been introduced recently and therefore USA is welcoming the Australians with good knowledge is specific field. For some specific categories employees are available in limited number in USA region and they are unable to satisfy high seasonal demands, therefore people from the Australia with practical and theoretical knowledge are able to enter in USA region. They are able to get more experience in the required category opening new doors of success, when they are back to Australia.

What is an E3 visa requirement for employers and eligibility?

  • Particularly this visa comes under the category of non immigrant visa; therefore ti must be clear in mind of person that he is going to USA region for limited time.
  • Generally one or two years time period are common depending on the job and organization as well, as contract is made between the employer and employee before entering in USA region.
  • You are able to take extensions while you are in USA region; however main motive is to satisfy the demands of the job for which you are selected.
  • Education must be according to the requirement that is at least four years in specific field which is also in accordance and must be accepted in USA region as well.
  • The employer must be national of Australia as this visa is especially for the people of Australia and in you are not, look for anther specialty occupation based visa.

How you can apply for the visa online and documents required?

Once your employees consider you suitable choice for the job, he is required to fill form I-129 for the purpose. To prevent any hindrance in the e3 work visa for Australians if any other permission is required from specific body or organization the signed and certificated document must be there as well as educational degrees showing you are fulfilling the requirement of the visa. The contract by the employee including information related to job and salary is also required.

How long is E3 visa working and processing time?

Depending on the way used by your employee applying petition extends or make processing time shorter. The visa is valid according to the contract and the job nature. You are able to stay in the USA region for longer by using extension and other ways, however if must not be shown before moving there.



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