Baltimore Notre Dame College Become University

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College of Notre Dame Maryland entirely represents its mission and currently got its school university name that been wanted to broaden into their respective mission and rebranding with their newer name. Jessica Catalina also explains that they will now get their designated University. For about 3,000 learners, the College of Notre Dame has increasingly outgrown its name. According to President Mary Pat, Saatkamp that in overtime; they will now become a school university and various individuals might have said that it will just be in time for its name in regards to what college university had entirely become. With that, the school faculties are entirely hoping that this university’s status will continually boost its enrollment. According to Debbie Calhoun who is currently the School Business professor that they continually reach out to various different student bodies with their respective graduate and toward this adult undergraduate program had just accurately represented who they entire are. Calhoun also stated that they will be giving their school staff additional chances in order to publish their researches. Calhoun stated that it’s considered an exciting part of school Faculty College and University.

There are about two main concerns in regards to these potential name changes. In the first aspect, some other individuals will be worrying in regards to losing their own identity as being an intimate college for women, and secondly, this school could entirely be confused with the University of Notre Dame of Indiana. You’ll never entirely diminish this confusion that currently exists. Since it exists during the time of bringing this school-university into its name. With that, several Maryland schools have continually changed their respective names. As a result, the Notre Dame Neighborhood and Loyola have entirely assumed the school-university status in the year 2008. Towson and this Salisbury have also dropped their state unto from their respective names. Especially that the Western Maryland College entirely becomes the McDaniel College and this Villa Julie College currently become as the Stevenson University. Soon, this will be implemented and fall unto their next academic year so it will entirely fall in the year 2011. With that, there will be no words on exactly how this school-university designation will be added. Since the president stated they will absolutely continuously keep this Notre Dame its name. Saatkamp also stated that about 75% of these learners have continually supported the mere idea of this name change.

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