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How to write effective notes in lectures

Sophie Holy June 29, 2015

If you’re preparing for an upcoming exam, you’ll be reflecting on the notes you made in all those lectures, and maybe questioning your note-taking skills. “What did that bit say?” “What did I mean by that?” “I can’t read that writing!” – these are all things you may have heard yourself saying. So, it is… Continue Reading »


How to Convince an Old Customer to Redesign Their Website

Sophie Holy June 24, 2015

The majority of people think that a website design and creation is a once-in-a-lifetime process. They feel once it is has been completed, that there is no need to tinker around with it anymore. They are more inclined to leave it as it is for years to come, without any change in design or technology…. Continue Reading »


Importance of education essay

Sophie Holy June 24, 2015

Education plays the most important role in the development of humans. The level of education one earns helps people in earning and giving respect and recognition. The important of education is undeniable for every human begin. Education has a positive effect on people’s life and its nurtures the brain and health of human begins. To… Continue Reading »


Important points to consider before investing in a real estate property in Delhi

Sophie Holy June 18, 2015

Buying a real estate property is still considered the best investment for a person in today’s economy. If you are new to the field of real estate then searching for the best real estate property can be a tiresome job. One will have to consider various factors before investing his valuable money on a real… Continue Reading »

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